My 2 cents on technology

It's Alive!!!

Alive So, it is born. Against all odds, from the most unexpedted of places, but it’s finally here.


Here I’ll (try to) post my 2 cents on technology, DevOps, day-to-day trubles and perks and who knows what else.

I really don’t expect you to care about any of this at all, or even read any of it for that matter. This is more an excersice on getting stuff out of my head than anything else but hey, why not enjoy while I’m at it, right?

I’ll behave here just like I do in my professional and social lives: open to any kind of input anyone wants to offer, be that a complement, critic, help or suggestion.

Feel free to reach me at: @igorlgentil or

All the best, and godspeed!