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QConSP 2015 - Day 1

QConSP So, here we are. QCon SP 2015 is my first big IT-related conference in a while. Thanks to ilegra - who sponsored me and 3 others to attend (and two others to present) - I’m able to attend to this amazing conference and (try to) absorb some of the insane ammount of knowledge floating around.

Day one’s been good so far. The opening keynote by Jerome Petazzoni entitled “The Docker ecossystem and the future of application development” was really cool. He managed to show in a very short period of time how disruptive the idea behind Docker really is - how is it a revolution and not only and evolution (I’ll post a link to the presentation once it’s available. No spoilers ;] ).

[Update 1]: Diego (@diego_pacheco) and Cesar (@cesaropsguy) from ilegra presented a talk called “Vivenciando DevOps para além da automação de infraestrutura” where use cases and experiences with DevOps were shared. The reception and the feedback were really good! Congrats guys!

Later on was Diogo Lucas’s (@diogolucas) turn. He’s talk was “Tratores e DevOps: Colhendos os frutos da automação”. In it, he talked about the DevOps case in Agco, beginning in 2013 and specifically how Docker helped them move from the software factory model to Agile, enterprise-wide architecture and using automation.

[Update 2]: The third talk was about Patterns and Antipatterns in infrastructure automation, by Jefferson Girão (@jeffersongirao) and Fábio Santos (@flsusp) (both from ThoughtWorks). Very good presentation about the problems - and the pain - they encountered when implementing automation on already existing infrastructure for a customer and the solutions developed over time.

Fourth talk: (lots of stamina during the first conference days ;) Tracking a soccer game with CEP and BigData by Asanka Abeysinghe (@asankama). Really not my field, I ended up attending to this one more for being a soccer (football!) fan than for anything else. The subject was interesting, although it was hard to understand the talk because of sound problems. Another downside was the fact that no code or techniques were shown (besides dummy examples) because of “protected intelectual property”. C’mon!

[Update 3]: I’m still here! Haven’t given up! Last talk of the day: Ben Towes’ (@mastahyeti) GitHub AppSec: Keeping up with 111 prolific engineers about the security strategies on GitHub. About this talk, one word comes to mind: amazing! The strategies these guys developed to keep up with code security, like performing automated hull-breach checks and the Bug Bounty program are really cool! Congrats Ben!

This concludes the day one post. Keep up with the next ones!

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